View of Amapala's Port

Welcome to Amapala Honduras


You will find the quiet fishing village of Amapala on the island of La Tigre. La Tigre is a 783m (2,568 ft) high, inactive volcanic island in the Gulf of Fonseca (Golfo de Fonseca). Amazing views, a few nice beaches and superb seafood make this little town a hidden gem off the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. To reach Amapala from the mainland of Honduras, (approximately 20 miles, or 32 km) one can travel in a small boat, or take the car ferry from the mainland town of Coyolito.


The landscape is perfect for photos. Sandy beaches, deep clear blue waters, and plenty of trees give a traveler many opportunities for photos others will envy.

Amapala Activities

Fishing provides security for the families of Amapala. Stroll along the port and watch the fishermen arrive with their bounty

Amapala Honduras Community

The friendly community of Amapala welcomes foreigners. Here some local children pose for the camera at the corner of the Plaza.